Moisture can corrode sensitive electronic and semiconductor devices, and lead to erratic performance or even failure.

This is a particular risk during shipment of electronics across different climate conditions. Moisture in the ambient air within a device can precipitate out when the temperature drops during transport or storage. Humidity can also permeate through plastic in a device housing, or via a gap or leak.

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection manufactures the humidity indicator cards, desiccants and adsorbent technologies that can protect your sensitive electronics from damaging moisture.

Humitector® humidity indicator cards monitor humidity within product packaging, and show a visible color shift if quality is threatened. To control moisture, ask about Clariant desiccant bags:  Available in a broad range of sizes and configurations they fit inside most packaging. 

Many of our desiccants and humidity indicators comply with standards established by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) (JEDEC specification J-STD-033 for dry packing) for high-quality protection of semiconductors and surface mount devices (SMD’s).

To learn more or contact one of our desiccant specialists. 

Desiccant bags available in Silica Gel Desiccant and Bentonite Desiccant Clay

Wide variety of Humidity Indicator Cards and Desiccator Plugs

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